June 04, 2024


«We are delighted to announce that Faroese experimental rap-punk band Aggrasoppar are the recipient of the 2024 Steve Strange Award, winning a cash prize of £5,000. The Steve Strange Award, which takes place annually, was launched in 2022 in honour of the late live agent and co-founder of X-Ray Touring Steve Strange, who sadly passed away in September 2021. The winning act was voted on by the thousands of industry delegates that attended The Great Escape Festival and recognise a music act that is breaking through creative boundaries within the music industry. We’d like to offer huge congratulations to Aggrasoppar and look forward to following their career with great interest.» - The Great Escape

Full press release below:

Tuesday, June 4th – The Great Escape Festival has announced today that the experimental rap-punk band AGGRASOPPAR won the prestigious Steve Strange Award for the latest edition of the festival. Voted by the thousands of industry delegates who attend the event every year, the award is dedicated to new or existing acts from The Great Escape line-up, who are seen to be breaking the status quo in music and pushing boundaries across musicality and performance.
Named after the late legendary music agent and founder of X-Ray Touring, the Steve Strange Award recognises individuals who embody creativity and innovation in the music industry.


AGGRASOPPAR, who delivered two explosive shows at this year’s edition of the festival, clearly embody the definition of boundary-pushing and uncompromising creativity, with their unique blend of spoken word, punk, pop, electronic, and avant-garde hip hop, which they identify as “Flower-Punk / Axe-Killer-Pop”, along with their engaging and energetic performances.


Earlier this year, they released their new double concept album, “døgurðaslang / MIDNÁTTARSANG”, with the second instalment and B-side of the album dropping in March. In addition, they will play a series of shows in Europe in summer and early autumn.


Learning about the award, AGGRASOPPAR said they are in "total shock. Hadn't even considered that we were going to get the award. Thank you, everyone, for voting for us! We are overwhelmed and excited for the future. This will be a great step forward for us, both financially and with regards to building up a reputation. We have a bunch of shows in Europe coming up, see you there!"


Adam Ryan, head of bookings at The Great Escape, added: “The Steve Strange Award is voted for by the music lovers that attend The Great Escape Festival, people that have a passion for discovering and supporting new artists and their music. I first saw Aggrasoppar while attending G! Festival in 2023 in small record shop, TUTL, where I was taken back by their passion and energy. I'm over the moon for Aggrasoppar and hope they can put the bursary to good use.”



Comprised of Dania O. Tausen, Eyðfinn Bogason Lamhauge, and Trygvi Danielsen, Aggrasoppar [Agg:rah:soh:parr] is a Faroese “flowerpunk naprap semi-supergroup” which erupted from the societal slumber of 2020 and released its 20-song-strong debut album on Christmas Eve 2020. They are infamous for their energetic live performances where you never know what to expect from their surprisingly big and diverse repertoire – everything from harsh noise to soft country.

Aggrasoppar’s music covers a wide variety of genres and moods, all bound together by the playful weirdness of the production and performances of the three core members who go by the pseudonyms Ayphinn, Dada, and Sóljudrongur. It is defined as “uncomfortably cute, lovingly gross and freshly awkward.” With unconventional lyrics and instrumentals, Aggraasoppar have taken the underground by storm with their soaring, rough, dreaming, nightmarish music on their self-titled debut album, “æðrasoppar”.


About the Steve Strange Award
The Great Escape Festival launched The Steve Strange Award, in honour of the late live agent and co-founder of X-Ray Touring Steve Strange, in 2022.

The Award, which happens annually, recognises a music act that is breaking through creative boundaries in the music industry and is announced right after each edition of the Festival. The winning act is voted on by the thousands of industry delegates that attend the event every year.

Widely respected as one of the greatest live agents and legendary figures in the music industry, Steve Strange was responsible for developing the careers of some of music’s greatest acts. Strange’s artist roster included the likes of Eminem, Coldplay, Queens of the Stone Age, Phoebe Bridgers and more.

Universally known and hugely respected, Strange was regarded as having the best ears in the music industry and known by many for his creative spirit.

The Great Escape Festival marks the extraordinary career of Steve Strange and his life-long dedication to artists with the award.

June 04, 2024


«We are delighted to announce that Faroese experimental rap-punk band Aggrasoppar are the recipient of the 2024 Steve Strange Award, winning a cash prize of £5,000. The Steve Strange Award, which tak…

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April 30, 2024

Elinborg is aiming high!

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Masterclass about the French market

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February 01, 2024

Three Faroese acts announced for The Great Escape Festival 2024

Good news coming in this morning as three Faroese acts were announced for The Great Escape festival 2024 this morning. We will be there together with Elinborg, Joe & The Shitboys and Aggrasoppar.  …

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January 10, 2024

The Export Award is back! - and we want your nominations.

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ESNS (Eurosonic) is just one week away

FMX is set to embark on a journey to Eurosonic (ESNS) next week, accompanied by two exceptional up-and-coming artists, Aggrasoppar and Jazzygold, both of whom will be playing at the prestigious showca…

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FMX guest office in Torshavn

Do you belong to the music industry in the Faroe Islands, or are you working in the music industry and visiting? Or are you an artist who occasionally needs a place to work on the administrative side…

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January 05, 2024

The annual report for Faroe Music Export (FMX) is now available.

The annual report for Faroe Music Export (FMX) for 2023 is now available. You can read it HERE. Please note that the report is written in Norwegian.

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November 16, 2023

Jazzygold and Aggrasoppar heading to ESNS (Eurosonic) in January

We are thrilled to announce that both Aggrasoppar and Jazzygold will be playing at ESNS (Eurosonic) in January. ESNS will find place in Groningen from January 17th - January 20th.

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October 30, 2023

Iceland Airwaves coming up this week

Faroe Islands will be represented by four bands and artists at Iceland Airwaves this week. Aggrasoppar, Marianna Winter, Elinborg and Jazzygold will all play two shows at the prestigious showcase fe…

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October 18, 2023

Marianna Winter balancing an artist career with her day to day work in the music industry in a fine way

It´s been a busy year for Marianna Winter, balancing a blooming artist career with her many tasks in the music industry. But, it definitely seems to be paying off. The last few months we have seen t…

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October 16, 2023

Four Faroese acts ready for Trondheim Calling in February!

Faroe Music Export is happy to reveal that the total of four Fareose acts will be going to Trondheim Calling in February 2024. Kóboykex, Marianna Winter, Aggrasoppar and Marius DC were all announced…

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September 28, 2023

Four Faroese acts announced to Iceland Airwaves (2023)

Four Faroese were announced to Iceland Airwaves today. All of the four acts will play two shows each at the prestigious festival in November.

The four acts are:
Marianna Winter

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August 22, 2023

Aggrasoppar announced to Reeperbahn Festival 2023!

Aggrasoppar - the flower-punk / axekiller-pop band from the Faroe Islands - are now confirmed and announced to Reeperbahn Festival 2023.

This will be the first concert in Germany for the…

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August 22, 2023


Marianna Winter among the winners, as the first Faroese ever.

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August 17, 2023

Marius Ziska announced to by:Larm

Marius Ziska is doing his first tour in Norway in September this year. We are happy to announce that the popular Faroese is now also confirmed to by:Larm 2023.

Dates and cities are as fol…

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May 19, 2023

Aggrasoppar entering Europe in full speed

Aggrasoppar is a hard one to pin down when it comes to genres, and maybe even harder to describe as a live act. We´ve seen descriptions like “flower-punk/axe killer-pop» and “naprap semisupergroup»,…

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March 21, 2023

Open call for Faroe Islands Songwriting Camp (FISC)!

Open call!

Faroe Islands Songwriting Camp (FISC) is a professional Nordic songwriting camp taking place in the Faroe Islands in August 2023.
FISC is supported by Nordic Culture Po…

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March 13, 2023

Winner of the 2022 Export Award: Eivør

Eivør was given the Export Award at The Faroe Music Awards this weekend. After touring for more than 20 years, the jury was especially impressed by how she made 2022 her greatest year so far.

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March 10, 2023

Five Faroese acts announced to The Great Escape 2023

A total of five Faroese acts have now been confirmed to The Great Escape 2023. The five acts are: Brimheim, Jazzygold, Marianna Winter, Aggrasoppar and Frum. The Great Escape will take place in Bright…

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