FMX is Faroe Islands music export platform, founded in 2019. The government office works at an industry level to support the export of Faroese music. Developing initiatives and opportunities for Faroese music and it's international partners, both at home and abroad. To further project and connect Faroese music to the world, introducing a broad array of international companies, organisations and creatives, to Faroese partners and collaborators.


Destination Faroes

The Faroe Islands are only a short flight from the metropolitan centres of Northern Europe. Equipped with a progressive modern infrastructure, subsea tunnels connecting 80% of the country across the 18 Islands. The fastest mobile and broadband network in the world covers all 18 islands, and up to 80 miles out to sea. In 2020 over 50% of the country's electricity is derived from sustainable sources across the islands, and the country is working towards being 100% sustainable by the year 2030. 

Faroese society is founded on the Scandinavian welfare model, which means subsidised access to public services such as childcare, education and healthcare. 


Music From the Faroe Islands

Vocal traditions are exceptionally deep and versatile in the Faroe Islands, and since there were no musical instruments until the mid-1800s, the voice was the only musical tool available. As a result, singing is deeply anchored in the Faroese national identity, with remarkable natural vocal talents across the disciplines.

Faroese artists and creators deliver performances and recordings across all genres to both the local and international scene. Pop, electronic, classical, country, folk, jazz, metal, punk.


Live music

A creative and thriving live music scene exists on the islands. Venues like Nordic House in Tórshavn, home to the Faroese Symphony Orchestra, has been an active contributor to the music and cultural scene on the Faroe Islands since 1983 hosting International artists like Kiri te Kanawa and Nigel Kennedy, with a year round culture and arts program. Other great venues with regular events include the Culture House in Fuglafjørður, Reinsaríið, TUTL (the record label shop). And increasingly, occasional venues such as the hugely popular “HOYMA” (home) concert series launched by the G! Festival team. Breath taking pop up venues and grotto concerts that offer amazing acoustics and experiences - the live scene is both creative, industrious and constantly evolving to the opportunties the remarkable geography, isolation and society present. 

Music Festivals

G! Festival has brought both the Faroe Islands, and it’s music to the world's attention. The unique 3-day event in the ancient fishing village of Syðrugöta in mid July celebrates it’s 20th annual event in 2021.

The Guardian hailed it “probably the wildest event on the festival calendar”. And the New York Times described “The most curious place left on earth”.

Alongside the long established pop festivals, such as Summarfestival, and one day events like Voxbotn there are genre-specific festivals and events that cater to a wide folk, jazz, country, classical and even Christian music. For a more comprehensive list of venues and events, please see links page here : https://fmx.fo/links