August 04, 2020

Cultural Support package : Covid-19 : 2020

On 25th June, the Faroese Government passed legislation of a support package for the culture sector.

Full details in Faroese are available here - Logir.fo

The administration of the packages is being undertaken by Taks, the Faroese tax authority. Appllication can be made here - Taks

Relating to the cultural and specifically musical sectors, the package included the following in summary - 

§ 1. Law passed to include artists, music festivals and publicly beneficial associations, whose activities have been cancelled or limited by the public recommendations on prevention of COVID-19. 

Stk. 2. Sports associations under Ítróttasambandi Føroya are not under this law. 


§ 2. Artists according to this law are people who have an education in the arts, or similar experience, or who receive a significant part of their annual income from work within the arts sector. 

Stk. 2. Support will be given to artists according to stk.1, who can show, that they have had a financial loss as a result of public recommendations in preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the timeframe from and including 12. March 2020 til 31. august 2020. The support can at the most be 75% of confirmed and documented losses. The support for the time frame can however only add up to a total of 110.000kr per artist.

Stk. 3. Financial loss according to stk. 2 must be a minimum of 10.000kr. 

Stk. 4. If the artist has received support from other public support organisations, this support will be offset in support acc. to stk.2. 

Music Festivals

§ 3. For music festivals, which have been cancelled as a result of prevention of COVID-19, support will be given to refund returned tickets for the music festival.

Stk. 2. Support according to stk.1 will be calculated according to the number of tickets which will be refunded. The support can however only amount to a maximum of 85% of the costs in preparation of the festival in 2020.   

Stk. 3. If the music festival receives other public support, the support according to stk.1 will be offset against this amount.

Stk. 4. The conditions for support according to stk.1 Stuðulin sbrt. stk. 1 are that the cancelled festival will not be held later  in 2020. 

Public beneficial events

§ 4. Support can be given to events which are benefitial to the public, where the public has free access or events which are ticketed

§ 5.  For public benefiting associations, whose events according to § 4 are cancelled or limited as a result of the recommendations on prevention of COVID-19 in the timeframe 12. March to 31. august 2020, support will be given to refund lost income. 

Stk. 2. Support according to stk. 1 can at the most amount to 75% of the lost income, but cannot exceed 400.000 DKK per association. The lost income will be calculated based on the average income for the years 2019 and 2018, which needs to be documented or confirmed.

Stk. 3. If it isn't possible to calculate the lost income according to stk. 2, the assocation will receive support amounting to 75% of the documented and confirmed costs.

Stk. 4. The conditions of receiving support according to stk. 1 are that the events will not be held later in 2020.

Stk. 5. In addition, support according to stk. 1 will be given on the condition that the expected income acc. to stk. 2 is a minimum of 50.000 kr. If the association has several smaller events, the income for the events need to a minimum of 50.000kr altogether. 

Stk. 6. If the association has received other public support, this will be offset against the support acc. to stk.2

Rental income

§ 6 For interest groups or public benefitting associations, who receive a significant part of their income from space rental, or who have lost rental income because of public recommendations to prevent COVID-19, support will be given. 

Stk. 2. Support acc. stk.1 can at the most amount to 75% of confirmed and documented losses from lost rental income from and including 12 March 2020 to 31 august 2020, but cannot total more than 80.000 per association.

Stk. 3. If the association/group has received other public support this will be offset against support acc. stk.2. 


§ 7. Deadline for application is 31. August 2020.

Supervision and payment of support

§ 8. The Faroese Minister or support authority according to § 9 will assess whether the stipulations in the law are being followed, and that those who receive support, og at tey, ið fáa stuðul, adhere the conditions in the law.

Stk. 2. If the applicant does not adhere to the conditions set for receiving support, the support must be fully or partly returned. 

Stk. 3. If an applicant in accordance with the support has not given the correct information or against better judgement has wrongfully received support, they or their estate must repay the amount which was wrongfully received. 

Administration and Appeal

§ 9. The Faroese Minister can by appointment with relevant minister place the administration with an official under the related minister. 

Stk. 2. If the Faroese minister, according to the law passed, authorizes an official under the minister or an official under another minister, decisions that the official have taken cannot be taken to complaints with another minister. 

Legal and collection

§ 10. The support cannot go through legal proceedings until it has been paid. Transport arrangements are irrelevant to the payer. 

§ 11. TAKS claims excess payment of support according to this law.

Stk. 2. If the applicant who has received support according to this law does not pay on time, interest will be added. The interest added is 0,7% for each month added. The same is applied to debit interest

Stk. 3. Excess support that is claimed acc to stk. 1 and 2, and which has gone to payments, can be collected with security (?pant?). TAKS carries out the "pant" according to the rules for tax collections. 

Stk. 4. TAKS is also entitled to collect debts or collection costs according to this law by holding back A-income for those who owe it according to rules in land tax and counci tax. 


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