Eivør’s music is born of contrast. Divergence between physical elements, the peaks and troughs of a personal journey, and disparate musical genres coalesce to create a unique style. Crafting a dark, immersive, and cinematic sound, which brings to life intense Nordic landscapes, she is undoubtedly a product of her surroundings. Hailing from the remote and sparsely populated Faroe Islands, the clash of wild and calm runs an antagonistic thread through her visceral compositions. At once naturalistic and otherworldly, a basis in Faroese folk has been ornamented by her exploration of electronic music’s limitless scope.

Her hypnotic live set ranges from a solo vocal accompanied by a hand-drum, to symphonic, layered textures delivered by guitars, electronics and a full drum kit. The constant is her transcendental voice – twisting and soaring to fill inthe detail in the sonic world created by the instrumentation. “The live show is my thing,” Eivør says, “The songs truly come alive to me when I can reflect them back to an audience.”  The vivid, and at times abstract pictures she paints with her music and powerful voice have led to commissions writing music for high profile TV series - namely flagship BBC/Netflix show ‘The Last Kingdom’, for which she co-wrote the score, and an advert for HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’.

Eivør has appeared on the iconic Jools Holland show, and press acclaim has come from MOJOThe Sunday Times and The Line of Best Fit. Comparisons from these champions to Kate Bush and Bat For Lashes affirm the pedigree with which she is held in.


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