Danny Baldursson

Danny Baldursson is an international award-winning musician from the Faroe Islands. At the age of 16, he picked up a guitar and started playing, making his first steps towards becoming an aspiring musician, and embarking on an impressive career as a front figure musician in Scandinavia.

Danny released an album along with his then-band Danny & The Veetos titled Hint of Melancholy, which was the fastest selling album in the Faroe Islands in over 15 years and went on to win a number of award honors. 

Danny has done over 1k live performances between 2016 - 2018 and toured in Denmark, Iceland, Greenland and Germany. In 2019, he won the Germany Songwriting Award as a solo artist with his song “Holy.” Danny has gone on to develop his own unique style, managing to merge personality into each song that he writes and produces.

His previous single “Tears” has been heard on a number of global stations, including FluxFM Germany, 2XM Ireland, Radio Doble Nueve Peru, The Sound Lab UK, KFRR Fresno, KWSS Phoenix, WCNR Charlotesville and featured on Asia Pop 40.

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