Raske Drenge

Raske Drenge is a next generation Faroese/Belgian folk collaboration, exploring the boundaries of Folk music, mixing the old and the new. 

Releasing their self titled debut LP "Raske Drenge" (TUTL records) in 2020, the duo Ragnar Finsson (FO) and Oscar Beerten (BE) met in Sweden, where they were both studying folk- and world music at Malmö Academy of Music. It didn't take long until the duo had a concert-ready set of their own compositions and powerful, creative arrangements of traditional tunes and songs. Raske Drenge made their debut at Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2018.

During the summer of 2019 they kicked off their summer tour in Belgium where they, as fresh newcomers, played at international folk festivals such as Gooikoorts and NaFirBolg. Meanwhile Oscar was studying the Norwegian hardanger fiddle at the University of Southeast Norway, Rauland. This opened up a lot of opportunities to be inspired by Norwegian folk music, and since then the hardanger fiddle has had a prominent role in their music.

With different backgrounds and nationalities, what connects these two hot-heads is a common passion for Nordic folk music, Old time and Punk Rock. Raske Drenge brings New North Atlantic folk music with a punk attitude. In December 2019 Raske Drenge released their first single, “Sigmundskvæði Yngra” on Spotify and Itunes and in July 2020 this young fiddle and guitar duo is releasing its debut album where they combine traditional Faroese Kvæði (ballads), Norwegian, Irish and American folk music with a unique bombshell of transatlantic music styles as a result!

Faroese Music Awards 2020 nominee for “Listener Award” & “Song Of The Year”

Raske Drenge will perform at the award winning G! Festival 2021, which takes place July, in the Faroe Islands.

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