Lea Kampmann

Lea Kampmann makes expansive work of hushed intimacies on her new single, ‘Ghost’. The second advance release from the Faroe Islands artist’s incoming debut album, If I Ever Made You Cry, I’m Sorry, ‘Ghost’ is an exquisite alt-pop evocation of splendid isolation, mounted with tonal balance and poise. Introspective and embracing, spare and dramatic, it builds in controlled electro-pop intensity towards a cathartic climax, where specific and universal longings for connection merge in one elegant stroke.In writing the song, Kampmann made her own outside connection.

She found a simpatico co-writer in Greta Svabo Bech, the Faroese alt-pop musician whose previous collaborators include Deadmau5 and the composer Ludovico Einaudi. As Kampmann explains, “Greta is an extremely talented singer and songwriter, who I look up to and get inspired by a lot. So it’s really an honour, and almost a dream come true, to have written this track with her.”The song’s roots lie in a different kind of dream. “I had a dream where I had died,” says Kampmann, “and my loved ones found my dead body, but I was still there in the room as a ghost. And I watched them watching me being dead, and I tried to scream to them, I tried to reach them and tell them that I was still here, but they couldn't hear me and they couldn't see me. And I felt the most lonely ever.”

A modern expression of timeless yearnings awaits on ‘Ghost’. As Kampmann describes it, “We wrote the song from this feeling of isolation. Feeling invisibleand lonely, even though you’re/I’m surrounded by a lot of people. Feeling like a ghost.” For anyone who knows that feeling, ‘Ghost’ is here for you.

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