Heiðrik released his third LP "Illusions" in Spring 2020, once again teaming up with producer Janus Rasmussen from electronic duo Kiasmos and Faroese producer / artist, Sakaris Joensen.

A stirring 20s driven cinematic sound, which incorporates an interesting fusion of jazz, cabaret and chanson, Illusions is an irresistible collection of 10 songs from the moment you press play. Heiðrik's lush vocals drawing comparisons to singers such as Anohni from Antony and the Johnsons, Jeff Buckley and Roy Orbison, take you on a magical insight into his fragile mind and his tender recollections of love and heartbreak.

“Illusions” could best be described as a breakup album with its bitter, yet witty lyrics. It’s a youthful melodrama with somber ruminations on shattered relationships and romantic obsession. Heiðrik’s softly expressive vocal takes us on a melancholic, seductive, and deeply cinematic journey. Inspired by classical music, movie soundtracks, 60s french pop and Weimar Republic cabaret.

The themes are once again universally delivered. While Heiðrik's emotional connection to his lyrics drawn from his person re-telling of his tale, his ability to relate his experience to those of his listener.

Illusions is a fully immersive and captivating listening experience.


Raske Drenge
Joe & the shitboys
Janus Rasmussen
Son of Fortune